Best Wireless Surround Sound?

    Evening all, looking for some advice. Going to treat myself and get a decent home cinema system, want it to be wireless, would prefer a sony to tie in with the TV any suggestions?

    Best Wireless Surround Sound?



    I bought a Sony one recently and it's not really wireless, it's a con....

    My rear speakers (the supposed wireless ones), have to have a cable to connect to each other and then a cable to connect to a wireless unit which needs to be plugged into the wall.... Personally I'd rather have something that takes batteries but hey?

    My father in law has a recent samsung and it's exactly the same set up so read up it first


    I have to say, the sound is AMAZING though.... You don't hear it, you feel it !

    Mine is this one…tml


    Third Post !

    Also with it being sony it works REALLY well with the TV, it syncs itself, when I turn it on the TV automatically changes the sound output, when I turn the TV off it turns the surround sound off too, you can change the volume on it using the surround remote or the TV remote.... Well worth getting a sony one if you have a sony TV.

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    Quite fancy this one




    Quite fancy this one … Quite fancy this one ]

    Looks good, although the wireless function says uses S air which is the same mine, you get an additional box which is about the size of a loaf of bread, you've gotta plug that in to the mains and then plug it into the rear speakers, the only thing wireless is that it's not connected to the main unit.
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