Best Xbox 360 bundle deal?

I am considering going down to Game tomorrow to buy the Xbox Premium with Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3 for £279. Cant find a better deal, Amazon has it for the same price. Any other deals around for similar price with 2 top games of your choice, wouldnt mind swapping Halo 3 for The Orange Box or Assassins Creed (when it comes out).

Anyone know if you can swap one of the games out of the deal at Game store?


i would say yes but not sure about preorders but im sure u cud swap one of them for orange box did that sort of thing with my gamecube years ago

leave it till friday mate, itll be halo 3 and assasins creed for the same price. i think halo trades in at about 20 odd quid so you are getting that off call of duty if you trade it in. they wont swap it over, ony trade it in. i work in one so thats how i know

I bought a 360 Pro and got Halo 3, Forza 2 and an extra Wireless Controller for £260 from HMV.

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If anyone's interested......

I went to Game but Vinto was right, wouldn't swap Halo 3 for The Orange Box, would treat it as a trade, you give them back Halo 3 unopened straight away and they give you £20 for it which goes towards The Orange Box. So I went to Gamestation asked if they would match the £279 Premium plus COD 4 and Halo 3 deal in Game, but give me The Orange Box (or a different full price game) instead. It wasn't a problem for them, so Gamestaion got to keep my money instead.
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