Best/cheapest DS card before they become illegal

    They're becoming illegal soon thanks to the high court so which is the best one to get before it happens and where can I get it from cheapest. I have a M3DS at the moment which is fine but is there a better one?


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    I thought the ruling was made but it'd take a certain time before it was law. What are the penalties for buying one though?

    excuse me for being ignorant But why are they illegal?


    excuse me for being ignorant But why are they illegal?

    Because they let you play games downloaded from the internet. If youre interested then buy now!

    OP: Acekard2i is said to be the best, due to regular updates meaning the latest games are playable soon after they are released. If nintendo has put some sort of new protection on them other manufacturers arent as quick to release updates. Selling for about a tenner.

    Cheapest would be the r4 range, about 3-4 quid for those. A lot of fakes around though. Hope that helps.
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