Best/cheapest place for aftershave?

Found 22nd Feb 2009
Wheres the best/cheapest place for aftershave?

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A lot of the Aftershave is so ....'subjective' or 'individual' that it can be a tricky choice!

To be honest, Boots always have just about every new flavour opened in there, and the 'cheap' shops that are everywhere that discount it you could try it it in one of them...
If you kow which on you want it makes it a hell of a lot easier though!
And also the speed at which you want it - if you are prepared to wait, get it discounted on line, if you NEED it - off to a shopping centre near you for those cheap perfume shops.....

Thanks for the reply

The main brand I'm after is Hugo Boss
lol, this feels like I have my own personal deal finder:thumbsup:

The aftershave I'm after is Boss in motion, the orange one, plus the spray type not the splash on.

Thanks again
used cheap smells the other day and have to admit they are brilliant - quick delivery practically half the price of boots
hi If you have a Home Bargains by you they do really cheap aftershave and perfume worth having a look :thumbsup:
A body care or savers shops, or ebay,
i have alot brand new £30+ ones eg armani, wormens sprays and creams depends wat you after>
strawberrynet or something like that. they were cheap when i last used them. look on ebay for testers, they can be had for a good price.
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