Best/cheapest way to buy Sims 4 for PC?

    Isn't it always the way, Christmas is all done and wrapped and then there's that one last minute request, and from somebody who hasn't actually asked for anything else so if love to oblige if I can.

    She's asked for Sims 4, for the PC. I got a cracking deal on Sims 3 for her a couple of years back, but Sims 4 seems pricey whichever way you buy it. Has anybody seen a cracking deal that I've not come across?




    well if your not going to google until you find the free way to get it

    the next cheapest would be cex using vouchers (£35 but ofc with vouchers it can be much cheaper i.e £15 cashback at quidco for CPW pixi 3 £14.99 sell to cex for voucher £14 taking the cost down to £21 over the long term or less if more phones are brought than just the 1) *better item to voucher deals for ratio but all i cared to put the time in to find*

    tho since its for a gift and its cloe to the lat min, im guessing retail, maybe even real life in person retail so argos or currys C&C £28.99 or online deals tho with postage in order to get it there in time needing next day the price would be more or less the same

    cdkeys £18.99 for standatd ed key

    Download from Origin. Use a VPN and get it from Mexico, I got it for about half RRP by doing this.

    £16.66 at Origin at the moment.
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