Best/Cheapest - Well Known Make' 72" Or Bigger Plasma, HD TV's?

    Thankyou. Will be appreciated.


    This one is freaking massive...


    or this one is a bit more reserved...


    ...although its a bit small.

    Good luck!


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    55k. Way to expensive

    Thanks for looking!

    Have you tried a projector just as good if its in a dark room.

    mines only 50" HD TV

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    whats better, plasma or lcd?

    Plasma seems far clearer to me than LCD.

    But plasmas use a hell of a lot of electricity.

    Although it's only 70" might be worth looking at the Sony 70 inch rear projection (SXRD) set if they are still available.

    IIRC correctly it'll support true HD at 1920*1080p and is less than £5K


    DLP is the way to go (digital rear projection)

    It's as flat as a plasma apart from the base which is not too big (about the 1/3 size of a CRT base) - plus the picture is superb !!

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    not really looking for a projecter. Need a tv really. Anyone?

    lol Internet Tycoon Chris was on about a rear projection TV. I've had my 50" Tosh for 5 years now (It was expensive then) but DLP sounds good.
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