Best/cheapest wireless printer for under £70?

Found 5th May 2009
I'm looking for the best wireless printer for no more than £70. Can anybody recommend any good printers?

Thanks in advance
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I have a Lexmark X4450 (There is a later version but I don't know the number off-hand)
It is a good wireless all-in-one and cost me about £70.
A word of warning though - ink costs are very high. If you plan on using your printer a lot, consider the new Kodak range (ESP3, 5, 7 or 9). They are more expensive (about £160 for the wireless ESP7) but over the 3 year life of a printer, you could end up saving money on the total cost.
I have just had to go out and buy one of these - in the end - as I needed one come what may - I opted for the Lexmark X5650 by the looks of it? It was around £50 I think? It came with two or three small ink cartridges, but they won't last very long....
Have you seen the advert for that Kodak Printer out at the moment though?
The individual Ink Cartridges are extremly cheap - far cheper than this model, and what's more it only takes two rather than 3 that some colour ones have.... In some ways I am curiously sad that I didn't buy that instead - they recon what you save in cartridges you will more than make up in the price and so on of others etc....

Still, this place is renown for techies getting all techie so you should have a few more "Techie" answers soon no doubt!?

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