Best/chespest way to call and Text while in the USA

Found 16th Mar 2011
Best/chespest way to call and Text while in the USA

Im currently on T-Mobile and I was wondering if there is a bundle that would reduce costs calling and texting while in the USA NOT to the USA from the UK or if its cheaper to buy a different sim, dont want to spend much.

Im sure people have looked into this for there own travels and was just curious of people advice and opinions on how they do this.

Im on a Iphone 4 unlocked if this helps.
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For calls, download PennyTalk free from the AppStore. That's what I use for my iPhone when in the US. As for texting, give your network a call and they'll often give you a bundle to use while you're away. That's what o2
Oops pressed submit... That's what o2 did for me.
I went to the US is October last year and am on Voda, while texting back to the UK from there it was free, it came out of my free texts, and no roaming charge was added. Texts to US numbers were just 10p
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