bestest free auto (ish) back up software for vista

    got a bit of a fright yesterday when my pc wouldn't let me open windows explorer without telling me it just didn't like it.

    so, i've decided to drag out my big old toshiba usb drive, trouble is i can't find the darn software that goes with it.

    just manually transferring some stuff across ce-soir, but would like an auto version.

    ideas on a virtual postcard puuurrrleease


    our laptop done hat aswell yesterday, it was a virus, the mrs hadnt updated the anti virus, so had to format it and start a fresh, she lost everything, well that will teach her, oh how i laughed..........

    You can give these a try.
    Karen's replicator

    ]Cobian backup.

    I have used Karen's replicator in the past and found it to be good.

    Depending on your Toshiba usb drive model, you could try looking for ]Toshiba's indigenous backup software.
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