Anyone had any dealings?

    Just ordered a Speedlight (SB-600) for £119 delivered... which is a bargain...

    All seems to have gone ok (done on credit card, just in case though).


    Oh dear, best to be avoided I would think.

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    Been reading up as well. Seems the main issue is that the items are US and no UK warranty.

    Not so bothered about being US (as was considering having it sent from there by the wifes dad who lives there).

    Will have to wait and see.

    Scam site I'm afraid, cancel your order as you won't get the goods…d=1

    Why do people give a site their credit card details, and then ask about a company? :?

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    Scam site I'm afraid, cancel your order as you won't get the … Scam site I'm afraid, cancel your order as you won't get the goods

    Yeah, have done...

    Thing is, I did read some reviews beforehand that just stated they were in the US, had issues with UK warranty (not so fussed as Nikon is international warranty) and that they were dodgy at marking the package as a $25 game for customs. Other than that, people were getting the items and seemed to be ok.

    Looking further into it from that link and the link above, shows more people having issues even getting goods.

    I have even spoken to them over the live chat, and they were understanding of the concerns and such like, but still cancelled the order and have already received confirmation of that effect.

    I think it most likely would have been ok, but just didn't fancy the hassle of getting the credit card company getting the money back etc if something did go belly up.
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