Groups 2nd chance extra £5 off

    Just been on to order a canon 350d camera for £339 as I went to check out it told me I was eligible for £5 off, so I did all the checkout stuff but didn't press confirm 'cos I got distracted (boring story) anyway, an hour or two later they sent me a email for a 2nd chance with another £5 off valid for 24hrs off so I got the camera for £329. £10 off altogether. :thumbsup:

    Just thought it might be worth some body's while knowing this in case it works for them too.



    thanks hun.. is it a general thing that you get a fiver off?

    Original Poster

    it seemed to be. I haven't bought from them before and didn't have a code or anything, it just gave me the fiver off as I went to checkout.

    was it a UK version? as its an american based website (i believe)

    . you would seriously be a fool to order from this website. its a scam as it claims to be a UK company but they are not. warranty is not available in the UK for any of their products as they are foreign and communication is terrible. the address given by them is not their company, it is infact a lingerie shop in america, which is weird. they do not offer refunds despote their claims and will scam you and run away with the cash. please be carful.

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