Best/safest place to buy a Xiaomi Mi Band 2?

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I know the Gearbest deal just ended... but anyway, I've seen these on Gearbest, on eBay, on Amazon. The prices vary a lot (I know there is the normal version and the international version) and I've seen comments about being wary of fakes and I just don't know the best place for me to buy one from where I won't get a fake and where things will be sorted out if there are any issues.

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Ordered a few from Gearbest and Xiaomi Online Store via AliExpress. All have no issues, so I'd recommend buying from either.

Amazon (direct) sell it for £31 but they have a warehouse deal for £21 that's got a minor cosmetic imperfection. If you can't wait a month for shipping and want Amazon CS it might be worth going for that
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Gearbest. Never had a problem with them. Got 2 from there. Mi Band 2 are great but not very bright screen. I can't read the screen in sunlight like I could with my Fitbit. Still recommend though. The Notify and Fitness app on Android adds a lot of features so worth checking out on Google Play.
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