Bet this deal has not been seen! 20% off! How many more?

    Why the need to post more or less all Tesco Entertainments stock individually when OP highlighted 20% off so most items are a good deal?


    I know .....people having nervous breakdowns trying to get a cheap console today!


    I for one are grateful that many members are taking the time to research Tesco Entertainment and find the best deals on the site with the code. Afterall, not everything on Tesco Ent site is a bargain - say if something was £40 on that site (making it £32 with the code) but it was available for £25 elsewhere then it really isn't a bargain. What a lot of members are doing is looking through the Tesco Entertainment site to find the really good deals with the 20% code and sharing their finds with us; and let's face it - Hot UK Deals is really about sharing a good deal if you spot it. And lots of members who don't have the time to spend hours pricechecking everything will have benefitted today from these deals.

    Tesco have 20% off gaming?

    That is brand new information

    (Must go find reasonable priced game and post how good it is having 20% off)

    Tesco fever
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