Betamax stopped giving VoIP numbers

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Found 3rd Sep 2006
It is probably not a hot news for some but I only learned about it a couple of days ago. Previously if you would sign up for voipcheap.co.uk, voipstunt.co.uk, voipbuster, etc you would get free geographical phone number. Not anymore unfortunately

So, for those of you who definitely want second line with additional phone number, take a look at secure.sipgate.co.uk/ Sipgate offering. Their prices are not so good compared to Betamax companies, but they giving you free phone number.
If your VoIP device (like mine) can be configured for use with several VoIP accounts, then you can configure Voipcheap as a primary account for outgoing calls and Sipgate for incoming. I've tried it and it works

Oh, and that was my post #1000!

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Thanks And I also became "Solar Flare"

Congrats Kommunist! How time flies *wiping tear from eye* Seriously though you've been a great contributor to the forums and most if not all of those 1000 posts were helpful.

Congrats on your 1,000th Post Kommunist

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Many thanks guys and gals!
Time flies indeed But I still remember my first posting so memory is still functioning

Congratulations Kommunist As Admin mentioned, just about all your posts have been full of information and help wherever you've been able too...

Well done!

Look how long that first post was too lol

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not everyone can post at your rate, ray I guess it requires special skills

Oh and I forgot to tell that if anyone want to see example of 2 VoIP setting on Zoom 58xx devices, I can post it here.
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