Betfair £50 Quidco No-brainer received!

WOOHOO! £50 just received into my quidco account, I hope everyone else who has been wondering if this would actually come through gets theirs as well!!


still waiting for mine. glad someones got theres so hopefully the rest will go thru now in the next few days

change that. mines been received too.

Great just got mine :-D

Got mine tooooo.

its showing as £30 on the betfair quidco page.


its showing as £30 on the betfair quidco page.

went upto £50 for the grand national weekend:thumbsup:

:O i didn't know about it... but i did get £30 the other month from somewhere else so i'm happy!

Sweet just checked and i have received mine too. I also won money on the race and some other bets i had around this time so im well happy with betfair and they are not getting it BACK !!!

just checked mine and its been received now as well well chuffed!!!

must be mass quidco payout day, i got that, 60 from CPW, some from waterstones too..... good times, thems there my beer vouchers for next week

mine too.................................................
04 Apr 2008 13:32:11Betfair.com0.0050.00received~ Jun 2008

Mine just been paid now also (woohoo) :w00t:
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