Betfair - get 20 pounds cashback from Quidco for placing a 10 pound bet

Quidco are offering 20 pounds cashback for new customers signing up for Betfair and spending 10 pounds after downloading their software.

From Quido's site:
*To qualify for the cashback offer you must sign up to BetfairPoker, download BetfairPoker, and play any of the tournaments spending £10 playing (buy-ins and rake).

If you are already a Betfair member you will not be eligible for the BetfairPoker cashback offer.

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Hmm I saw a similar deal about making cash from quidco posted the other day - for…t-/

Which is why I thought I would post this one about BetFair. I also remember seeing several posts about getting free cash from Quidco thanks to signing up for (say) a t-mobile SIM card. Apologies if those were in some other forum/category, quite a newbie here still!
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