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    ANy one had there kitchens fitted by these people??

    we have ordered ours but am struggling to get a date of instalation from them, getting panicky now as baby due in five weeks, and we already stripped out the kitchen (had to, so we could replater all the walls)

    i need my kitchen real soon as gonna have to tile floor after and thats gotta be done before labour starts if im gonna get to use the birthing pool.

    just want reassurence really that these people are relieable.


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    No sorry, but good luck with new kitchen and baby..!

    good look with baby:thumbsup:

    have you paid a large deposit? i had a problem with a kitchen co years ago-not this one-had half my money and messes me about. Endede in small claims.
    I guess you feel something is wrong or you wouldnt be asking?
    Call them again asking for a date. Tell them you need completion by whatever date, if not a refund.
    We got our last kitchen-local store-fitted in 5 days fro order, so dont panic as you can get one somewhere at short notice!

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    We only apid 10% deposit but its the kitchen that i really want, its much better quality than b&q etc, much more expensive (but got discounts)

    i just need a date cos the baby arriving. i dont wanna have to go elswhere for it, as its a pretty unique design. just getting panicky, as when we ordered they said 4weeks, and that gave us ample time, then they said be 2nd october but havent confirmed.

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    they have said just now that provided sink is delivered to them today, they will be installing on thursday. oh thank god for that.

    good! and good luck with baby too-more pics for us to see?
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