Better cable for XBOX 360

    Is there a better cable than the original one you get in the box to give you better graphics?

    just wondering coz alot of people on here are speaking about component cables and vga etc



    Unless you have a HD TV then I’m afraid not. As for VGA, that’s one way for people to view the xbox through a pc monitor (a cheaper alternative to buying a ££££ HD TV).

    If you bought the Premium 360 then you have Composite Cables and Component Cables bundled in (Composite is the Yellow lead, Red and White for audio and Component is the R,G,B colour cables) Component would generally be considered the best cables, as you can transmit a HD image over component, though some TVs might prefer a VGA input to component for picture quality. Likewise, some prefer component to VGA.

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    iv got an HD tele yes, the wires that came with it what are they called?

    is there any better wires you can buy to get a better picture? not that it needs to be better lol

    sorry sionyboy i think you just answered my questions lol
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