Better Deal: Nokia N80 or the Sony Ericsson W850i

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Found 17th Aug 2007
Looking to get a new contract but can't decide which to get. They are both with O2 and offer 600 mins/month and 500 texts/month.

I can get the N80 with a 12 month contract for £80 a year and then I would buy the 1GB Mini SD for £5.99 delivered. Also £36.50 cashback with Quidco so the whole deal equates to £49.53 .

Also I can get the W850i with a 12 month contract for £120 a year which comes with a Sony 1GB memory card. This deal comes to £83.50 inc cashback.

Looking at the prices I would pick the N80 but because I've got a Sony Ericsson at the moment I don't know whether the change from Sony to Nokia is worth the price drop.


the n80 is a great phone. The main negatives being that its the size of a breeze block and the battery life is pooh.

I've never had any real probs with it, only when I've installed dodgy java from dodgy sites stupidly.

Theres tons of apps for it,the LCG jukebox is great alterantive to the SE music player. But I wouldn't really use the phone as an mp3 player though.

N80 battery is poor, you need to get into the habit of carrying a spare battery in ur wallet and leaving in plugged in when at work/home whenever you can.

However the N80 concept was originally designed back in 2005 so while a great phone, in terms of power and UI it's aging a bit.

I'm hoping to replace mine this fall soon, with either N82 if it comes out in time or more likely 6500 classic.
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