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    Hi wondered if anyone could help me?

    I's about to get a new phone and cant decide between the Samsung i8910 HD and the HTC Hero

    i like the Samsung but ive heard that the way orange install their own firmware on it makes the phone not nice to use (i know you can de-brand it but i dont really want to have to do this)

    basically i want tohave a good browser and camera

    Help Please


    HTC hero with android OS is my choice... for you requirements - It hasnt got the best camera...

    Reviews say that as it does not have any sort of flash - The pictures in average light are very dark. But other than that its brilliant.

    Android is great. I'd go for the Hero as I have the Magic.

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    has anyone got any experience witht the samsung?

    if so what are your thoughts

    samsung will have the better camera no doubt, the hero is the better phone all round i'd say. I've got an android phone myself, can't fault the os, its fast, the app store is first class.

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    thanks guys

    HTC hero is a better choice. The android OS is pretty good from what ive heard.

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    Thanks guys i'm getting the HTC Hero delivered tomorrow
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