Betting and football

    Hi guys

    say you have a bet for X to win 1-0 against Y.

    Yscores a goal at 91 mins, is the score 1-0 or 1-1 for betting purposes, does injury time count or is it till 90mins only?


    Yes injury time counts in the 90 minutes.

    well at a betting shop injury time is included and for any purposes yes i would assume it would be counted as injury time is meant to add up to 90mins of play

    Original Poster

    thanks guys!


    injury time counts, extra time doesn't

    As long as it doesn't go into extra time you're sorted

    Blimey, When did X score?
    I missed that.

    I thought the score would be 0-1. if Y were the only team to score.

    90mins is taken to be up until the full-time whistle is blown for normal play. Extra time & penalties do not count...
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