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    so today i went to watch leciester play the bagges, and i put £20 bet on leciester to win which they did. The bet was placed inside the ground as they have a Ladbrookes stall in there.

    About an hour after to the match I went to a ladbrookes near my house, and they go they cant process my bet untill the morning for some reason.

    Do they normally do this,



    you should claim from the Ladbrokes in the ground.
    All data is updated at branches overnight.

    Original Poster

    okay thanks guys i think ill just go in the morning.



    Ask them to phone the branch and get them to confirm the bet,my mate does … Ask them to phone the branch and get them to confirm the bet,my mate does it all the time.

    I think you will find that mobile betting stalls like those at racecourses need to be synchronised with the branches so your win appears on the computer.

    no problem thej, always happy to help people

    On the same topic -
    if you always got the game and like to bet steer WELL CLEAR of in ground betting booths.
    1st of all the problem u encountered. Most bets will have to wait till sun/monday/

    2nd - Their prices are SHORTER in the ground than on the high street!

    This may be hard to believe but its true!

    For example Ladbrokes high street branch

    WBA v Leicester

    WBA to win 2-0 might be 8-1 but in the ground it will be 6-1 !!!
    K Phillips 1st goal 5-1 in ground 7-2!!!

    Laddies have rights to something likk 80% of grounds betting outlets and do this all the time!!

    Its a disgrace really and i am surprised no-one has brought them to task.

    I went to an Everton match recently and nearly choked at the prices.

    11-4 Yakubu 1st goal - (should be 7-2)
    6-1 Arteta (should be 10-1)
    10-1 Lescott (about 20-1)

    And every booth had a gigantic queue, Just plain robbery.
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