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Found 8th Jan 2015
I did a bet and marked the docket 'Cashendale 12.43' for the meeting and time of the race. There was a separate race at another meeting at 12.43. It turns out the race I done should have been 'Cashendale 12.45'.

The question is: does my bet then go on to the next race available at Cashendale or, does it go on to the race which actually was at 12.43 at the other meeting?

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Surely its a void bet as neither race was specifed correctly?

did u not specify the name, like if it was a horse - red rum or did you say number 7 at cashendale 12.43?

as if it was the name i would say it was down to what ever race horse was in the number it might just be a null bet and money back...

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no.3 i wrote

was it a horse/greyhound bet? all depends what bookies you used to but because you've named the meeting they should pay on the race at the meeting.

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virtual horse,paddy powers

Ok 12:43 was a dog race yeah? cause you'd put T3 or trap 3 on a dog bet not number 3 right? these virtual races very rarely go off to time anyway but If you'd put 12:43 and no meeting that would be different.

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no, a horse race. He told me they went by the time of the race rather than the meeting. I always thouight it went on to the next no.3 at the meeting you named. The thing is, he held on to my docket rather than giving it back.

I asked a few people I know on a racing forum they said it went on to the next race at named meeting! But common sense would hopefully prevail. I wouldn't be happy

Common sense would dictate that naming a meeting takes precedence over the time of the race mentioned on your bet. However, as we are talking about bookmakers here, if there is any doubt about a bet generally means they will rule in their favour.

Here are Paddy Power's rules:

and the relevant extract for you is here, and it does not look good for you I'm afraid:

"- Where a selection is timed but no meeting is stated (or a meeting stated that is not taking place), all single and multiple bets stand for the meeting which has a race at the time you state, with stakes divided accordingly if there is more than one meeting with a race at that time."
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the meeting did take place?

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Thanks guys. The meeting was stated and did take place so I don't think the bet standing for a meeting which has a race at that time applies. I'm in work and can't get access to paddy's rules. But, as theyiddo says, they always rule in their favour.


the meeting did take place?

I think the best the OP could possibly have hoped for in this instance is a void bet - but I would imagine that would be up to the betting shop manager's discretion. "Cashendale 12.43" was not a valid race meeting event, so PaddyP can justify using the rule I mentioned before to place the bet for the OP on a race that day that did take place at 12.43.

Lesson to us all to be very careful on the instructions we write on betting never know when the day finally arrives that a 7 horse accumulator comes in, and because of some small error the bookmaker decides to not pay up!

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