Betting Site errors - common or rare

    I placed a bet with Bet365 earlier on Liverpool to win 2-0 but on checking my history noted that it was recorded as a loss.
    I queried this and was subsequently paid out. I complained and was offered a £5 free bet which I refused as I felt this was an unacceptable error and would rather bet with someone else. A manager came on and assured me this type of error was very rare and offered to credit my account with £10.
    I have only just started internet betting and would like to know if this type of error is indeed rare.
    What errors have others experienced and with what firm?


    I've been betting with bet365 for a few years and have never noticed anything wrong with my account. To be fair they're usually pretty good.. I back horses mostly.

    There was a situation a few weeks ago where a horse was injured on the track... the field came round for the next circuit and there was confusion amongst the jokeys as to weather the race was been flagged off.. Some jockeys pulled up.. Some carried on..
    The result of the race was allowed to stand and my horse lost (my jockey being one of the ones that pulled up).. Bet365 refunded the £50 that I put on the race.They would of paid anyone who had the winner too.. You would'nt get this happen in your average betting shop..

    I've had it a few times & in fact with Betfred I'm -£124.98 due to me having £125 on Lazio to win a game & it was 0-0 after 90 mins,but in injury time(not extra time) the other team scored & won 1-0.
    To my surprise I was refunded my £125 & thought they must have had a special on like "if a team scores in injury time we will refund all losing bets" as I've seen these bets before.
    Needless to say I've never had a bet on the site for over 7 months now due to them wanting me to refund them back...Ding-Dong.

    paddypower i bet on and the team won but was recorded as a loss, so i queried it and got it down as a win. Didn't get any sort of bonus extra like you, so feel likel

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    Thanks for the replies guys, I think I'll give Bet365 the benefit of the doubt then as others have experienced errors. I quite like their site plus they did refund yesterdays bet following the Spurs West Ham 0-0 draw.

    always check your settlement of bets

    i have been betting online for years and have had maybe 5 0r 6 mistakes

    normally when you complain they will offer a free bet and you should always keep on till you get this

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