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Found 12th Sep 2005

I just signed up for BeUnlimited broadband ( bethere.co.uk ), as I'm pretty excited about getting 24MB speed. Goodbye to slow downloads!! Anyways, I found out that my exchange is only being enabled in October... so I was wondering if there were any members here currently using it who can give a few opinions about it.
I've heard all the bad stories about Bulldog.. and just want to make sure BeThere doesnt have the same problems.

Also, if any members are interested in signing up... if you put down a member's email as referral you get one month free, so ask around your friends if they have it so you can save some money. If none of your friends are using it, you can put down my email, in which case both you & I get one month free :lol: :lol: My email address is boon*koh at imperial*ac*uk (replace the stars with dots).
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Id ask yourself one thing mate, how many engineer vans of this isp do you see on the roads ??

As thats when u have problems and they dont have any engineers about your big download speed wont help u then eh

Id say stick to the professionals , u might pay a bit more but the old story does say you only get what u pay for
I'm so mad at Be...

I've managed to refer 24 people for the service, so hence I qualify for free broadband for life. However, I've recently just moved house, and according to their indian tech support, I can't transfer my referrals to my new line, meaning that I now lose the free broadband!!

This sounds like a major con to me... how can they promise free broadband for LIFE when you can't transfer the connection when you move houses? To top it off, this morning I find that my entire account has been closed, and when I call tech support again I get a moron on the other line.

My advice: stay away from BE!
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