There's a play trader offering amazing prices on games such as crysis 2 ltd edition and dragon age 2 signature edition for £26 and £25 respectively. They are called gametraderuk8, do not purchase off them as they seem dodgy.…elp
    Ofcourse evidence is not concrete yet and they could very well be legit but just thought i should warn people as those prices are insane therefore can make people take a leap and seriously noone would be stupid enough to private message someone with their bank details after they just made a purchase with, well hopefully no one is this stupid. Just thought id let people know, happy shopping!


    These types of sellers come and go all the time, whether it's the same person creating new accounts or what I don't know.
    I am always wary now, especially since this one was only set up yesterday.

    Then again you have to watch out for others who build up a bit of good reputation first then scam people for expensive stuff, like me and a few others who all bought consoles and never got them.
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