BEWARE: Amazon Prime using Dark Patterns to trick customers into paying for a free trial

Posted 20th Jun 2021
Ahead of Amazon Prime Day, when I look at the Amazon Prime membership page, it says "The right plan starts with a free trial" just above the yellow button "Start your prime membership".

But when I click, it says £7.99 on the next page in tiny small prints. No sign of any free trial at all.

Amazon Customer Service went on to say:
"Free trial will always be free, we will never charge customers for free trial. Customers will onyl be charged if they already availed the trial and subscribed to prime again. "

I replied:
"But Amazon is showing me a free trial, then proceeds to make it a £7.99 fee. That's completely against what you just said when you wrote "free trial will always be free". In my case, the free trial is £7.99. So you're contradicting yourself.
I understand you already said I'm not eligible. That doesn't explain why your website is displaying a free trial incentive.
This is going to confuse some customers and robe them of £7.99.
This is business malpractice. And dishonest.

Amazon Customer Service replied:
"This is not a dishonesty in our end. As I said a while ago, we don't have an option to customize the information about Amazon prime trial to customer that have already used the trial. I am sure you are very aware that you have already used it. It is not malpractice, the information there about trial is very clear. "

I said on last time:
"It's not clear at all, I'm being offered a free trial again on the main prime page, only to be asked to pay £7.99. And it's written in small prints.
You are by design trying to trick and scam customers.
It's dishonesty 100%."

I'm pretty sure that kind of practice is not legal...

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