Beware Morrison's Car Wash

Posted 16th Feb 2021
Have Morrison's ever offered you a sleeve to protect your rear wiper in their car wash? Have never been offered anything to protect my rear wiper ever in any car wash. Never knew such a thing existed. Used to use the local Morrisons car wash all the time for my estate car as I'm wee and can't reach some parts of the roof so although I used to hand wash it regularly myself I would go through the car wash every so often. Decided to go through with my wee Peugeot one day as it was cold and I'd been run off my feet for weeks but it need doing. Big mistake. Watched helplessly from inside the car as the brush grabbed my wiper and dragged it up and down. On exiting the car wash it was just hanging loosely down below the rear windscreen. Reported it immediately and the member of staff didn't know what to do as she was only helping out in the petrol station that day. Called me to go back in and complete forms that afternoon then didn't bother to process the forms. Ended up back in two months later as hadn't heard from them. Store manager found out then that the forms hadn't been processed. She processed them. Told me I'd need to get two quotes and they'd go with the cheapest one. Went to the bother of getting two quotes (£103.93 and £91.93 - both quotes were to supply and fit rear arm and blade and repair motor spindle) for them to turn round and deny all responsibility. They asked me if I'd used the car wash before and if I'd been offered a protective sleeve. I had used the car wash before but it had been years ago. I wasn't offered a protective sleeve and never have been. Had never heard of such a thing. I'm running a poll about how often Morrisons offer a protective sleeve. Here's the link if you're interested…QLY
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