Beware of 08700200002 scam text

    Heheh it's my turn to do a scam warning but this one is real and did happen to me honest!

    Just got a text from 08700200002 saying "THREE CUSTOMER: Please call ASAP regarding your mobile phone."

    Obviously triggered the dodgy flag - looked in google and it seems several are getting this. ICSTIS says:

    PhonepayPlus does not regulate this type of number. However we can tell you the following.

    * This is classified as a Special Services higher rate: BTs Standard National Call Retail Price for BT customers number.
    * It is provided by Invomo Ltd.


    cheers admin, I got one of these a while ago, if anybody is in doubt always ring 333 from your 3 handset to reach customer services.

    Thanks for the heads up...........


    This number keeps calling me!

    One of reasons I'm leaving Three.


    One of reasons I'm leaving Three.

    Why? It's not actually anything to do with three?

    But Three are all to handy at giving your details to third party companies. I'm not saying this is one of them, but they get get their info from somewhere.
    There was two occasions when I've taken a call from these third party saucebags to near the end, just to see how much info they actually have about me.
    They had EVERYTHING. On one of the calls I got them to call out my bank account number - shocking to say the least.

    i received thi message and i am on orange


    i received thi message and i am on orange

    Welcome to HotUKDeals!

    Just recieved this txt and i'm on Tmobile! I'm just wondering how they got their numbers, random number generator or got my actuall number elsewhere!

    Another one to look out for is where you get an automated phone call (often to your home phone) saying that you may be eligible for haviong your loan paid or a prize or something and ask you to press a number for more information.

    The call they make you doesn't cost, but if you press the number you get transferred to a premium rate phone line. Best to just hang up straight away!!
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