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    BEWARE of I have just had a interesting live chat with an agent after an offer seemed too good to be true and it was. I searched on google for the best price on the Callaway Golf - X22 Irons after finding them on Direct Golf for £379.00. I then came accross Golfleading…tml offering them for 241.99 euros, bargain I thought.. But with anything like this seeming too good to be true it often is. I will post a copy of the live chat i had with the agent (which is quite funny) which highlights a few points of why not to deal with them as a company. I wanted to post this to make sure other members don't get scammed!!!


    please do

    i bought some fake clubs, good though

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    Here is the transcript:
    Helen 16:23:37
    Hello, how may I help you?
    Me 16:23:48
    where is your company based??
    Helen 16:24:28
    we are based in US
    Me 16:24:56
    is it free shipping to the uk
    Helen 16:25:06
    Me 16:25:23
    what is your business address in the US
    Me 16:26:49
    as it doesn't list it on your website
    Me 16:29:08
    can you answer my question please!
    Helen 16:30:12
    We don't have office in US
    Me 16:31:39
    but you said you are based in the US??
    Me 16:32:17
    Me 16:32:30
    where are you actually based??
    Helen 16:32:39
    Sorry ,I made a mistake
    Helen 16:32:53
    I mean we don't have office in UK
    Me 16:33:12
    where are you actually based??
    Helen 16:33:19
    We are based in NewYork
    Me 16:33:54
    can you give me your full business address in new york please
    Me 16:34:22
    Helen 16:34:40
    Why do you want that?
    Me 16:34:54
    to prove you are a vailid company
    Helen 16:35:11
    Would you pls tell me which club you want to purchase?
    Me 16:35:18
    before I spend any money with you I want to check you out first
    Helen 16:35:25
    All our clubs are OEM(original equipment manufacturer)products from our Asian supplier with high quality and good performance.
    Helen 16:35:59
    We have a 5 year history for selling the clubs
    Me 16:36:06
    thats not what I asked but I take it you mean coppies and not originals
    Helen 16:36:20
    We have customers all over the world and they enjoy our clubs
    Helen 16:36:31
    OEM means Original Equipment manufacturer clubs,they are made of the same materials,tech,quality and performance,though they are not directly from official factory.
    Me 16:36:42
    coppies then
    Helen 16:36:58
    In regard of this,they have a little difference from the official clubs
    Helen 16:37:02
    Be sure all clubs are the highest quality and best performance with so reasonable price.
    Me 16:37:22
    and in breach of copyright from the manufacturer
    Me 16:38:05
    so where are you actually based then???
    Me 16:39:24
    Helen 16:40:26
    our headquarter is based in US
    Me 16:40:50
    where at least be honest with me
    Me 16:42:21
    are you based in china???
    Me 16:42:32
    Helen 16:42:45
    303 Camden Road
    New York
    Helen 16:43:36
    would you pls tell me which clubs you want to purchase?
    Me 16:45:04
    so you are based out of a house??
    Me 16:45:18…wAA

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    The person on the end of the live chat wouldn't speak to m in the end. I don't know why :-)

    Main thing is dont trust a company just by a website it's especially when it doesn't have any contact details and is based in china!!!!…com

    I love live chat websites, I asked a few questions and its obvious "brenda" had some issues with english.

    Original Poster

    Just found this who seems to be the same company BEWARE!!!!

    time to have some fun on live
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