Beware Of Motoreasy

Posted 29th Jun
Having already been overcharged for a service via Motoreasy , recently my reversing camera in my Mercedes failed. Interalia , the failure caused the fuse to blow. Motoreasy used this to refuse the claim for the camera as IT DOESN'T COVER FUSES, although it was definitely the component, i.e.the camera, that was the problem not simply the fuse which was incidental. Don't waste your money on this Company.
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How do you get overcharged for a service? Do you not agree to the price beforehand? Did you give your car for a service with them thinking it would be a local garage rate? Dealership are always expensive. Don't see how its their fault if you willingly took the car to them for a service? If they changed the price afterwards then you have the right to refuse the extra charges.

Regarding the camera (Assuming you haven't carried out the works yet with them)
You have to fight them on this. They expect you to give up once they say "its not covered".
Keep calling them, ask to speak to the managers.
Leave a review on Trust pilot (Make sure to include the reg of the car). HOWEVER they will most likely flag it and Trust pilot will remove it. Not a problem, scan your original receipt, send to Trust pilot and the review will be back up.

Then keep calling again and they should be more compliant because the negative review will impact them. If they still refuse then ask for them to pay for a diagnostic for a garage that is not one of theirs so a third party who isn't biased.

If you turn out to be right, then get them to fix it. If you turn out to be wrong, then you're wrong.

It may or may not be worth all the hassle, depending on how much they quoted for the repair.
Usual hit-and-run OP. Surprised that HUKD still allows newbies to register to rant.
Hang on a mo. We've been here before...…753

Where's my phonebook.
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