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    Hi everyone,

    long time listener, first time caller ....

    I thought I would register and post a warning about using the store

    I purchased a 2Gb memory stick duo for £129.99 from them a few days ago and stupidly I did not check the company out fully before buying.

    They ended up taking £139.42 from my credit card, and have yet to ship the item. I also assumed they were based in London, but after more digging around it appears they are American and based in Massachusetts.

    Luckily my credit card company are going to refund the difference (and the rest if the item is not received within 30 days) and will then reclaim it back from MyDV but I still dont know if I will receive the goods or not. They have terrible customer service, you cannot get hold of anyone. I also wanted to claim back the VAT but obviously if they ship from America then that wont be possible.

    This is one lesson I will remember!



    Welcome to HUKD + Thanks for sharing your experience in your first post!

    We tend to stick with UK based companies, especially in the main forum. As you say, it sometimes takes some digging about to see exactly where a retailer is based, then of course it's up to the reader whether to buy from them or not. I don't have a problem with using US or Canadian sellers if it's for something like a DVD or CD for instance, as they are often released earlier and cost less. I must admit, if I was looking to spend much more than £20, I'd stick within the UK market.

    Thanks again for the beware note!

    Hi Zoidy, and welcome to HUKD

    Interesting comments you make about Why do you assume they ship from America?

    I see the registrant of the domain is registered in the US, but implies that they are a UK company (no guarantees though!)

    But they also have a UK contact telephone number (London) which I guess could be redirected to the US and their prices are in GBP not USD.

    I must admit, I would be a bit suspect about using them as they do not actually state a physical address on their website. Also their website looks a bit amateurish / unfinished - looked at their FAQ in the help section, it says "FAQ goes here". Also their T&Cs appear a littlke bit 'thin' on detail.

    I have no idea why they have apparently overcharged you (maybe a genuine error?) but the fact that they have taken your money before shipping the goods is typical of many online retailers (e.g. Dell, Argos, Homebase, Currys, Dixons, etc)

    Having said all that, a quick google of mydv does show a number of people have had some issues with them, but so have they with ebuyer and people still seem to use them.

    As for recovering VAT, it does not appear they charge VAT on sales (maybe their turnover is less than £50k per year). There is no indication that they are registered for VAT on their website. As they don't charge VAT, you cannot reclaim it.

    Original Poster


    thanks for the welcome.

    I know there is nothing to suggest on their website that they are American, but I know someone else having similar issues.

    Also, when you ring the London telephone number your are greeted with an automated message from an American, but dont get put through to anyone.

    Others that are overcharged have said that it is to do with the conversion rates from dollars to pounds and they dont always match the price on the website.

    I was sent this link from someone else to a forum where there are several people with the same issues:…=10

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