Beware of Natwest YourPoints

    I have a Natwest credit card and eager to earn rewards, recently signed up for their YourPoints scheme online. I received a welcome letter a couple of days back which mentioned that I will be charged £3 per month for the service. Just how amazingly awful is that?! Not only do I not automatically earn points/rewards for using your credit card, but you actually charge me for that! Anyway, I called to cancel today and the person handling the call did it immediately and seemed to handle this particular complaint a lot (anyone else doing this can also avoid dialling the 08450727629 premium number and use 01604 828936 instead). Very disappointing. Tesco is a much better option, you earn points each time you shop, double club card points and they gave me a credit limit more than three times that of Natwest, who I've solely banked with since 2006.

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