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Beware RGB Direct!!!!

Posted 23rd Mar 2007

i would like to share my recent experience with rgb direct:

i've ordered a sony home cinema system from them and it was delivered damaged, i.e. a rubber foot missing from the amplifier and a scratch/dent on the wooden subwoofer.

naturally i sent it back and requested a full refund. they've contacted me today, informing me that they can't see anything wrong with the item and want to deduct the shipping costs plus a £30 fee from the refund.

i called them and as they completely refused to cooperate the conversation got a bit heated up after which they started hanging up on me and pretending the line had a fault. then they accused me of making things up and asked me to proove the damage, which of course is impossible unless you take photos at the time of unpacking.

the matter couldn't be settled and all i could do was to make a complaint at webtraderuk.org.uk with whom they are registered.

all in all i've been treated very appallingly and i'm still very upset about it.

thanks for your time!
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Sorry to hear you had problems with them and that you didn't take photographs before sending the items back.

It's always a good idea to read terms and conditions just in case of returns. There are quite a few companies that deduct money as "restocking fee".

Not sure you can do much more than complain as you have though.
If you paid with a credit card claim your cash back that way if its over the £100 or so limit. (dependant on card and provider).
They dont have a right to send dodgy goods then tell you to prove it - the onus is on them to disprove, and you would have every right to sue for breach of contract (goods not fit for purpose under SOGA).
thanks for your replies. i'm now going to wait for the outcome of the dispute settlement of their watchdog scheme. speaking to visa about this could be useful, thanks for that.
get a couple of mates, no more, to ring them (withold number) say they're interested in buying one of their most expensive tvs but they searched the web and seen a report that they don't refund on faulty goods unless the buyer proves a problem, get them to hook them in by being convincing and saying they love the price etc but not sure they can go ahead. if your mates time things right the shop will start to worry and may pay up., if not, it'll do you good just to scare them.
Sorry to hear you have had a bad experience with RGB Direct.

I've used them a few times in the past and they are usually extremely good.

Without proof yourself that the item was faulty, I agree with rayman theres not a lot you can really do other than complain as you have.

If the worst comes to the worst and it goes to court, it's still your word against theirs and all they will need to do will be to show the court a perfect item or photos of one (whether it was the one they sent you or not) and they will claim there was nothing wrong with it.

I think, if I remember correctly, the terms of supply do allow them to charge a postage or restocking fee if the item is returned without fault.
Their been cheeky, if you paid by debit card not much you can do, but if you paid by credit card then reclaim from visa as the goods supplied were not as advertised ie not new / damaged.
as far as i'm concerned i'm in the right, because the damage is genuine. i shouldn't have to prove it, but i do have witnesses.

they've got an item, that they can't sell anymore and that can't be sent back to the manufacturer. this might explain their behaviour ;-)

let's wait and see how this can be solved in a formal way.

i still might want to post the odd warning.

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