Beware Using Voucher Codes

    I like many others I presume have used money off voucher codes posted on this site for Littlewoods. If like me you have just recieved a letter from them asking for their money back for transaction already completed expect a lengthy arguement. I have just draughted a letter to send to them after speaking with Trading Standards who agree with me that because they have dispatched my order and accepted the payment they said was due they should not be able to ask for any money back. Hopefully this will be the case.


    Littlewoods codes are always tricky - they've the habit of clawing back discounts - several months after dispatching the order. Best bet is to use codes with first order and even if they fail to apply the code, a polite call should do the job

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    Tried that but they are adamant that I will have to pay........we will see

    Why start yet another thread on Littlewoods codes?

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    Don't understand saint, what do you mean?


    Don't understand saint, what do you mean?

    Might wanna search Littlewoods on the misc forums.....

    Main 2 threads have been running on & off for a bit.....…ods…ods

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    Cheers bud, nice to know it is not just me the are picking on:thumbsup:
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