Found 7th May 2010
i have been gulty of this myself, everytime their is a deal for 1 of the above at least one person says this is not as good as ...... so thought why not make a thread of it and get your feelings here, its just for fun and no count will be done.


It is all subjective, personally i think both suck.. i prefer a little more thought and story in my games other than aiming a gun a shooting, cheers

you have for a prize for being the 100, 000, 000, 000 to start a boring mw2 vs bfbc threads.

please call 0800- yawn-yawn

I've only played MW2 out of the two, so I can't really compare them. Basically though, more than happy with MW2 and tends to get played 95% of the time, so I don't think much else will get a look-in.

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you have for a prize for being the 100, 000, 000, 000 to start a boring … you have for a prize for being the 100, 000, 000, 000 to start a boring mw2 vs bfbc threads.please call 0800- yawn-yawn

could have been worse, could have been a spectrum vs commodore, amiga vs st, master system vs nes, megadrive vs snes, intellivision vs atari etc,etc

having owned both, i prefer Modern Warfare 2, but thats just my opinion. I think its because im so used to the Call of duty franchise.

I prefer battlefield, better team game, got bored of people cheating in MW2

bfbc2 for me is the superior game , its more relestic and more rewarding . MW2 suffers from to many gamebreaking situations I.E perks (making enemy's superhuman) , killstreaks which encourage camping and an arcady feel that FPS games shouldnt really have , also grenade launchers and thumpers create the die spawn over and over game . bfbc2 isnt without its flaws snipers seem popular but doesnt break the game . bfbc2 seems to get a rough time because it has limited game modes and maps but MW2 players seem to stick to the same game types anyway . bfbc2 only lets u group in squads of 4 and comm withing the group incase thats another deal breaker.

i have put 9 days into mw2 and 100 hours of battlefield so i haven't just picked up and played both games a little . i have gone back to MW2 to try the new maps but it reaffirmed my opinions about bfbc2 and just got the platinum on it . the clan im in loves MW2 infact we have 5 legite lvl 10 prestigers with over 35 days of play each and we cant get them off it as in their words "when mw2 is good its amazing to play , and when its bad its terrible "

my choice get both try both and pick what ur friends play and if u prefare realistic and rewarding = bfbc2 , if u like arcady quick and devastating killstreaks = mw2

hope this helps any questions give me a shout or friend request if on ps3

MW2 is boring. Perks and killstreaks ruin pretty much ANY element of skill involved. I mean im not going to claim to be the best FPS player in the world by any means but I can pick up a controller and go 36-2 in a single round of "Team" deathmatch. There is no teamwork and its just full of annoying kids. It was fun for a few days/weeks (i think i have 20 hours or so playtime on it)

BFBC2 actually rewards skilful players, you feel like you accomplish something when you win because you usually have to work well to get it. Not without its flaw but a GREAT,GREAT deal fewer than MW2
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