bg1: anyone used

    before, are they legit


    I ordered from them in July last year, no probs.

    Yes I have and phone arrived in 17 hours!!

    Part of Carphone Warehouse. Ordered from them last year & all paperwork branded e2save (also part of CPW).


    I ordered a phone and it never arrived.

    As above part of the CPW group so should have no problems - i've used them 3 or 4 with and without cashback and they've always been great

    as above used a few times when contracts where 12 months long never had a problem ,what you after harvie a new 3310?

    Original Poster

    im thinking of buying them out ^

    black gerbil1

    im thinking of buying them out ^

    i thought as much,so good you bought the company i know how you roll

    I think they're part of carphonewarehouse, been around for years and are really good, used them a couple of times with no problems. Very quick delivery from what I remember.

    i bought from there once, phone didnt arrive after 2 weeks so i made a complaint and they came round and killed my cat
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