bg1: black gerbil doesn't see what the fuss is about

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Found 7th Apr 2010
over Jessica Alba, sure shes good looking 6/10 prob hit after a few beers, but shes not all that, I dont see what the fuss is about


pics in next post

black gerbil1 is also speaking in 3rd person, it will be a new thing he will be testing on the forums.


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if anyone posts more pics, make sure they are not air bused to death.

inb4 insure women who agree and h4te her and say shes ugly

lol only jk

nah but rly inb4 them lol

I think all the fuss about her was several years ago.


I'm with you. I saw her on a transatlantic flight once and had to ask to be moved as she was putting me off my dinner.

she is FIT


PS you're still speaking in the first person btw...

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she is FIT

black gerbils laughs at white knight.

PS you're still speaking in the first person btw...

he knows that.

she prrrrrrrrrrrruteeeeee

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i think she is good OH would do her...

that doesn't say alot about her then.

strong work dan, strong work

:thumbsup: some posts on here are just priceless.

I think it was back then she was very "girl next door" much like Britney Spears and the likes but they're both *:|* now..

She's HOT

Jessica who?

is she even in the mainstream something or others in whatever she does?


[COLOR="Red"]I don't think she's 'all that'.

If I was to get with her it would defo lower my street cred considering the gally I'm renowned for getting with.

My GF is atleast 100x better looking than her.


Who's ya gally?


Edited version without the bad word filter naughtiness:

Hold up menz, she ain’t all that
I’ll just stick with dem gyals who is fat

Look over here, Miss Jessi-ca
Want a ride in my made up car?

Well you can’t get in, you be proper rank
I gotta better gyals stored in me bank

When I look at you, can’t see the fuss
Because I’m in love with Miss Miley Cyrus

She be all dat, hot and well tight
I’ll be her English, shining knight

Miley you be ringing all me bell
But by touching you, I’m going to hell

I’m only 12 and you’re much older
I got photos of your face on my school folder

When I grow up into a manz
I’ll move to LA to be your fanz

Marry me Miley I’ve got a knob like banana
We can both pretend you’re Hannah Montana

Jessica Alba = 10/10 IMO


shes good looking yeah 7/10 id say, adriana lima is hotter

your mums a solid 9/10


cheers ill tell her u sed that when ur next in my house and shes … cheers ill tell her u sed that when ur next in my house and shes there...thatl embarrass u



You are being unfair BG1, shes a solid 7/10

shes quite hot, but there is much better out there
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