bg1: buying a hardrive then returning it

    i think the problem with my laptop is my HDD, if I buy one from pc world today and i find it out its not the hard drive, could I return it the next day

    safe fam.




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    safe fam


    just say it dont even work, and if they strop, shoot them in dem face brah.

    i love how 'borrowing' stuff from a shop and then making up a fault so you can return it is perfectly acceptable on here.
    but if the shop tried to resell that used opened item at full price, customers would kick off and say it should be discounted cos its opened and used, despite it not being the store's fault or problem.

    What makes you think it's the hdd anyway?


    Spent all that "Lost" money and times are hard?

    fort u had bags o money init

    Cheap skate peas tekker

    a child of your caliber should be able to chuck the laptop in the bin and replace it with a new one.
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