bg1: can i drive next breddas car

im fully comp under someone else (family member)

my friend is also fully comp on there car, can i drive it 3rd party or will 5-0 hot me up.


No,only the policy holder (family member)is insured for another vehicle,provided that vehicle is also insured

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Genius thread.

I say do it. If you see some coppers - just floor it.

joyride brah!

The answer is NO.


It's not legal to drive in the UK until you're 17.

Thread fail.


Nah mate you need to have fully comp in your own name

And then you could but some insurers don't allow it.

Other person has to have fullycomp on there car also
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you playing GTA IV again.

brb playing gta

just drive it, as long as car is insured, your not gonna be pulled over (less likely).


Tyte thread mang. You be runnin da show.

Safe brah.

So ok do i have this right? One cant drive other cars unless the other car is fully comp also? I not too sure this is true?
I am fully comp on my car and have third party liability on other cars not in my name and that it dont belong to me.
I was pulled over by the police driving my friends car which had no insurance on it due to the fact she had just purchased it and asked me to drive it home, the police officer took a look at my insurance and said it was ok for me to drive my friends car and let me on my way. So i am not too sure if the other car has to be insured as i was ok.
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inb4 someone takes thread literally

inb4 they take it out on me for pointing out they are a numpty.

inb4 stalking.


yeah drive it you wont get pulled ,unless you is black bro....
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