bg1: car accesory for Ipod

    so my 66k bmw is in the shop because all the windows were smashed in (beef ting).

    Anyway i have a curtorsy car, which has a CD player but no AUX port.

    What device do I need to buy to allow it to play my Ipod via the car charger, safe fam respect


    get an itrip-plays wirelessley through the car radio

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    link to said "itrip"

    black gerbil1

    link to said "itrip"

    depends what model ipod you have-just search "itrip" on amazon and pick the one you want


    black gerbil1

    link to said "itrip"

    I have one of these iTrips which I dont use as I have just purchased a bluetooth CD player. iTrips works fine.

    Oh were back on this old chesnut.

    Why not go back to your cd's for now.


    My brand new car has just gone in for its 1 year service today and yours is older than mine! Amazing the way its held its price!

    Brb plugging my iphone into the car ipod port controlled by steering wheel interface. You need to upgrade brah.


    Na n any! It’s the BG1
    Back in da misc, how are you? Wagwan!

    Me cars gone be spoiled by a gansta chap
    He only gone and done it during me afternoon nap

    Me mum woke me up with a scream and shout
    “Yam car been smashed up by a chavvy lout!”

    I ran down the street in me 300 quid shoes
    Chasin the fool who did stink of booze

    I caught him up and pulled out my piece
    No time waitin for de useless po-lice

    He tried to fight me and a fist
    I pulled the trigger and I fupping missed

    One more shot and I hit his face
    Brain and ting all over tha place

    Then I woke up and had to go to Sunday school.


    DJ1 - very good.

    Is it missing a final line? Or am I just asking too much?



    DJ1 - very good.Is it missing a final line? Or am I just asking too much?

    No. You just missed the point. It ends abrubtly because he woke up and it was all a dream!

    looks like the 66k bmw is always in the garage for one or the other reason and OP having to drive a curtorsy car :P or take the bus, bad times :-(

    must of been a big lump of beef.

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    any links to itrip, is there not a CD player that you can use too to connect to ipod.

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    do currys sell them


    black gerbil1

    do currys sell them…ter
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