bg1: cheap desk

    anyone know were I can get one, links?


    car boot brah

    charity shop
    walk and get one!


    Cant you get your friends to join this forum so they can ask themselves and not get you to do it for them all the time?

    Staples. Loads of good cheap ones there. Or argos.

    Can't you just nick one from school?

    btw u gt dymenshuns 4 teh taybel brah?

    BG1 you don't do cheap !!

    Did the shelf collapse?


    Did the shelf collapse?

    Ohhh i saw that thread as well lol

    Try the usual places,Argos,Ikea,Ebay.

    Dont be cheap you will only regret it, get yourself one of these for the bargain price of £349
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