bg1: funds to move fam

    so i got to move a ton of $$$$ to my bank account, ob dont wanna get hit with a vig and exchange rate changes.

    so I have $X amount in a poker account, I want to move it to my £moneybookers account.

    if i move to my £moneybookers account, are they going to shaft me with conversion fees?



    Is it more than a tenner?


    Is it more than a tenner?

    Ton = 100
    $100 = £61.62

    TBH BG1 is it worth messing around to move £62?

    The country's in a mess.

    Do your bit - Just pay your tax!

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    does anyone know if they will take a vig?

    WTF's a vig? It's OK I googled it - this is right yes - top of the list...

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    i cant change the poker account, I just need to know if moneybookers will give me the exact exchange rate when i transfer it.

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    For transactions involving currency conversion Moneybookers adds 1.99% to our wholesale exchange rates for foreign currency. This charge serves as a protection against the volatility and risk associated with FX markets. The Moneybookers exchange rates are updated on a regular basis throughout the day.

    can someone tell me what that means, and for this example say I want to put $1000 in my MB account, they would take $38?

    still ballin brah?

    hows the dream machine
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    vig or vag?

    sorry confused here.
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