bg1: how do you get a spotify invite

    as above/?


    You don't, it's free…en/
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    Spotify "Open" is different to "Free"... or it was...

    Code PM'd

    Original Poster

    Thanks very much, very kind of you.

    This is why IMO Spotify wont be as popular for much longer and users will go back to "music piracy"…302
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    Spotify "Open" is different to "Free"... or it was... Code PM'd

    I'm pretty sure it's the same now.. what do you get that's different? (I would like to know not in a rude way)
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    Free was unlimited with ads. Might have changed now, although I've not noticed (don't use it that much these days)


    You must have industry contacts BG1 surely?

    Also looking for an invite to 'open', have been wondering if I'll get one before they start charging for it !

    dang it. I registered a while back and have an account, but now its telling me I need a code. anyone have one? I just want to use the free service, is this still possible?

    Hi folks! Looking forward opening a Spotify Open account, any spare invite code would be much appreciated. Have a nice day *.* !
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