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    I get 55% at PartyPoker. Where you playing BG1? What stakes and how much you raking for the poker room per month?

    Can also get 50% at ipoker, and special rates at alot of other decent fishy rooms.

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    ipoker at the mo, i can get anywhere from 50-56%

    i play 25-50nl.

    how is partypoker for traffic?Ipoker is just wayy too fishy im running 25bb/100 this month around 8k hands, small sample but lolerments how bad it is

    You recon its fishy? Been playing on the willhill skin and tbh its known to be one of the tougher sites out there cause of the lack of Americans. I play NL50 too, moving to malta to play professionally in Jan actually, with a few poker mates.

    Party poker is ok for traffic, but its merging with the largest sports book company in the States in January (OnGame) so its going to become ultra loose. Thats a good bb/100 mate.

    What you running at? VPIP/PFR/3bet?

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    do you have skype? im apart of a 6max study group if you interested in joining.

    I just started playing 6max recently and run around 20/16 with 3% 3bet, need to get my 3bet up to around 5% tho, but its just bad habbits from my FR days. is my results thus far.

    and yeah Ipoker is redic fishy, esp with the buddy list feature lol

    yeh mate, add jc.ball or add me on msn. [email protected]

    Ive prob played over a million hands on 6max NL50 lol. But was part time at uni, now im going FT.

    Gotta lvoe the buddy list lol. Mines higher than that, but tbh i wanna be at 22/19/9

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    Not really played poker before, But may give it a go sometime whats the best site for starting out on?

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    if your casual i dont think it matters too muich if your serious then go with a site with decent rakeback
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