bg1: msn not remembering my password

    im using Windows live messenger

    build 14.0

    every time i turn my computer off and on, i need to enter my username and password again, never had this problem before.


    under your password box theres a small arrow bottom right, click that to expand your options and select "remember me" and "remember my password"

    Original Poster

    ive done that still no luck, im not a n00b with IT btw.

    Do you have any kind of 'cleanup' program running when you start the computer - by that I mean one which deletes temp files, cookies, saved passwords etc.. I have CCleaner set to run at startup so if you had something like that, that would explain why your password is being cleared every time you reboot.

    Your MSN friend will be missing you.

    did you recently install any new software? for example: when installing the yahoo toolbar it may change your registry keys..oh and yeah use ccleaner and clean up the registry
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