bg1: scamming warning

    got a hot phone call off someone (will post number if allowed by mods). They said I took out a loan previously and i was overcharged and that the government owe me 1.5k (almost hung up, aint got time to minor tings ya get me).

    well anyway they asked what loans i took out in the last 12 years, I said student loan, and he said "yeah it is from that".

    he they said it usually costs up to 1k to get the funds back to you, but if you give us your Credit card details we will only charge £200 and get you the money.

    i asked for a email of this and then id reply back, they then replied "there are alot of other people who will take the money then" lol

    Anyway be careful of this scam, dont forget to tell the elders.




    would you like a little pat on the head for being so smart?


    i gave them my CC deets brah what shud i do?

    I liek da OP, well funneh :-D


    lol minor tings


    lol minor tings

    read something like this in the paper today..…cam
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