BG1: what do you think of this song.


    mind = blown


    I used to like Staind. Their songs now just pass without me wanting to give them another listen. "Outside" was their best song.

    good song, had this on my itunes for years! they did some really good songs back then :thumbsup:

    i really dont like it ... but its really not the sort of thing i like x


    An oldie but a goodie. Aaron Lewis has got a cool voice.

    black gerbil1;6411019

    Feeling lonely are you? isolated much? .......:?

    Are there no real people available on the "set of Lost" To whom you could pose the same question ?

    Sorry - just read the OP again - it would appear you were asking yourself the question.

    are you asking yourself a question in the title?

    you bad taste in music brah, just like fashion, alter-egos, cars etc etc.
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