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Found 9th May 2007
Are there any offers still active for the 10% discount cards at Bicester Village? I'm planning on visiting in the next fortnight and remembered that I got one of these late last year for use in the Outlet.

Whenever I visit there are still people claiming these cards at the reception desk so I can only assume there must be some way of obtaining them :?
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You normally get it through from email. It is a VIP 10 % discount card. Join the Bicetser Village from their and you should receive all the offer.:thumbsup:
did not know bicester do the 10% discount am dead cert that cheshire oaks do
bicester does do discount vouchers but they only seem to get posted out.i get mine from inside sources.
Taken from their FAQ -

How do I get a VIP book?

To get a VIP day card you must be on our customer database. You do this by filling in our mailing list cards found in any of the stores, or we can post one to you along qith a brochure. Once you have done this, your details will be entered in to our database and you will receive information about offers going on at the village, this will also make you eligible to receive our Mail-shot, usually around, spring/ summer and Christmas. This Mail-shot will entitle you to an extra 10% discount in participating stores, you can redeem your mail-shot in the Bicester Visitor Centre located next to Carluccio’s in exchange for a one day VIP Day card. We also do promotions in some advertorials in magazines that we carry out throughout the year, you can find out in which magazines we are featured by calling our reception on 01869 323 200. The reception team is always up-to-date with our marketing promotions. We have currently finished our offers in the magazines due the Village starting “Summer Savings”, our summer further reduction period.


Alternatively, comlimentry vip day passes are given to members of coach parties - maybe, for the price of a coffee, the coach driver may have one spare :whistling:
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