Bicycle sizing

Posted 6th May
Looking to buy a bike for my wife, she's 5"2.. what size should I be looking to get?

Thanks in advance.
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You must take care to look at the sizing chart for each bike. Due to frame and manufacturer the sizing varies.
You can't tell just from the height. people vary in proportions, bikes vary in geometry.

There are 3 contact points with the bike: Seat, pedals and bars. So you have a triangle where there is adjustment possible in various directions. Some (generally the better makes) will quote rise and reach figures.

Saddle can be moved up/down but this will be at an angle not just vertical. you get a small amount of back/front adjustment on the saddle rails.

Bars are adjustable up/down and at low cost you can get a fair amount of front/back adjustment.

google diy bike fit
I'd say that knowing her inside leg measurement is more important than her actual height when it comes to bike sizing.
I'm five foot and I've a16" frame if that helps
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